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Ear Irrigation

Quick, convenient, professional service

  • 15 min
  • £35 one ear; £50 two
  • Lees Optical, 94 High Street, Lees, Oldham, OL4 5AA

Service Description

Most CCGs across England had stopped ear removal as a service even before coronavirus. Since the pandemic most have suspended services indefinitely. Ear wax build up can be uncomfortable and really impact upon your quality of life. We have full PPE and can offer a private ear wax removal service, using irrigation to remove ear wax so that you can get rid of troublesome impacted ear wax without having to wait. Our ear wax removal practitioner is fully trained and insured and will remove your ear wax using the safe and modern technique of ear irrigation. It costs £35 for one ear and £50 for two. Each consultation begins with a questionnaire before you are booked in so that we can check that the procedure is suitable for you. If suitable, you will have an examination of both ears to check the health and condition of your ears. Ear irrigation will be performed if necessary, and you will be given advice on general ear care. If there is no wax to be removed there is a consultation fee of £10. We ask that all patients instil ear wax softening drops for at least 5 days before the procedure is carried out. It is very important that this is done as wax that is hard will not be removed by irrigation methods.

Contact Details


94 High St, Lees, Oldham OL4 5AA, UK

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